SSC-2 - Seal-Strip-Crimp Makinesi - Çiftli veya 2 damarlı kablolar için

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Seal-Strip-Crimp Makinesi - Çiftli veya 2 damarlı kablolar için
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Yarı Otomatik İkili Conta Takma Sistemli Krimp İstasyonu

İki damarlı kabloları veya 2 adet tek damar kabloyu işlemek için


The crimping system SSC-2 processes two conductor jacketed cables or twisted pair wires. The process includes stripping, crimping and seal loading.

The cables are placed by the operator in to a centering mask. The sensors are detecting the correct placement of the leads and the process is initiated.

Both leads are loaded with a seal and stripped in one cycle. Hereto the seals are oriented with a specific seal kit SSK and a transfer unit is placing them as a pair in the stripping unit. The stripping unit closes centric and also contains a zero cut module. The offal is removed from the processing area with a vacuum device.

The customer specific terminals are crimped in sequence with a Schaefer crimping press and the corresponding applicator. The optionally available crimp force monitor in conjunction with the cut module provide for quality assurance. The terminal carrier strip is fed from left to right whereas the wires are mechanically transferred from right to left. The carrier strip is cut in to small pieces by a chopper which is mounted underneath the press.

The operator removes the processed cable and can immediately continue with the next one.

Basic configuration of the crimp system:

  • Stripper with sensor detection
  • Special wire grippers
  • Eccenter press
  • Specific seal kit SSK
  • Carrrier strip chopper
  • Vacuum device for offal
  • Protective housing

Range of Application The semi automatic machine SSC-2 is being used in the wire harness industry for automobiles.

Examples Of Use Product Combination Possibilities Technical Data
Power Supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air6 bar, dry and oilfree
Processable Wire
Type Of WireTwo conductor jacketed cables, two twisted single wires, one or two single wires (4)
Cross SectionsUp to 2,5 mm², bigger cross sections on request (3)
ConductorCopper, fine stranded wire
Material Of InsulationTeflon, PVC, etc.
Cable Outer DiameterMaximum 5 mm
Wire Prefeeding
FeedingWith hand in to the centering mask
Terminal Feeding
FeedingTerminal reel with paper winder (2)
Stripping Length
Maximum8 mm (3)
Stroke40 mm
Force20 kN
Applicator FixtureQuick-change system
Housing MaterialAluminum profiles with Polycarbonat windows
Machine FrameWelded steel construction
Temperature Range
Operation15 °C - 40 °C
Storage0 °C - 60 °C (rF < 80%)
Dimensions & Weight
L x W x HApproximately 1050 x 800 x 1500 mm (1)
WeightApproximately 240 kg (1)
PackingIn a box on wooden pallet

(1) Basic configuration
(2) Optional equipment
(3) Depends on the configuration (wire, terminal, seal)
(4) Processing wire ends must be directly straightened